Our Partners

We at EpiCenter are a complex systems integrator, working in ERP, IOT, and AI to help our mutual partners make better decisions. While our roots are in Epicor ERP, where we have one of the largest teams of top shelf consultants on the planet, we have also identified some ‘best in class’ partners that we work with to provide integrations that help you make better decisions, fast. Please take a quick look at a few of our offerings:

Configure One’s CPQ (configure price quote) solution is an enterprise application that enables companies to exceed expectations while efficiently selling and processing orders for configurable, multi-option, and customizable products and services. Give your direct and extended sales teams a simple, easier way to see highly configurable and complex products. If you sell complex, highly-configurable, manufactured goods, Configure One make it easier for your sales teams to configure, price, quote, and process orders.

Anvizent is an automated business intelligence tool that ‘learns’ your database and yields actionable information on day 1. Really! It can follow multiple systems and uses artificial intelligence to forward trends to you in real time

No more spending hours tracking down orders, digging through emails or losing purchase orders. SourceDay acts as the conduit between you and your customer, storing and presenting everything a supplier needs to stay on top of RFQs, POs and buyer relationships. Its automated purchase order system guarantees greater visibility, better communications, and accurate data.

If you have CNC machines, or any manufacturing equipment controlled by a PLC, we can give you instant monitoring of every machine on your phone or pc, including integrated analytics that will predict downtime. And of course, this information can be interfaced with your ERP to eliminate costly manual data input.

If you handle credit card processing with Authorize.net or PayPal, or any solution besides Century Business Solutions, then you’re paying too much! Century guarantees the lowest processing fees in the industry – why not maximize your profitability without raising your prices?

Parttrap is a single online business solution integrated to your ERP, that provides all of the world class features you’d find in any sophisticated online solution – but with built in integrations for single entities or global enterprises. Its ‘ONE Studio’ is a web-based administration tool that eliminates the need for programming or html editing.

ACOM has a complete solution to make your AP payment process 100% paper free from day one! They transition most of your vendors to electronic payments AND they print and mail the remaining at their expense for you. ACOM also provides you with an intuitive web-based dashboard for you to manage, monitor, and control your disbursement transactions. Not only that, but they also do all the leg work in “on-boarding” your vendors to electronic payments such as ACH or Credit Card. The most intriguing aspect of this program is that it is 100% self-funded, meaning it is offered to qualified accounts at zero cost. So, your expense to handle A/P payments is basically nothing!