CPQ Solution

Configure One’s CPQ (configure price quote) solution is an enterprise application that enables companies to efficiently sell and process orders for configurable, multi-option and customizable products and services. Create unique configurations for complex products with Configure One. Configurations utilize a variety of rules and logic to intelligently guide users through the configuration process. Additional visualization options allow customers to see what their configuration will look like in real time as each option is selected. Easy-to-use administrative screens allow you to define and maintain product configuration rules with precision control.

“ Configure One is the enterprise CPQ solution that enables any business user to interact with a friendly web based interface and generate all the outputs they need (such as price, BOMs, drawings, and quotes) to lead their customers to a faster buying decision.”

Configure One Demo

9 minute video

Epicor Integration

EpiCenter has developed a standard integration between Configure One and the Epicor 9 or 10 products. This integration leverages the Configure One APIs to seamlessly synchronize Customer and Item Master records to Configure One as well as Quotes and Sales Orders from Configure One to Epicor ERP.

Cambridge Engineering Configure One Integration

Cambridge Engineering wanted to keep Configure One – the software that was working well to help them configure, price, and quote jobs for customers—but Configure One had never been integrated into Epicor software before. Cambridge Engineering needed a team that could come in, quickly become proficient at using Configure One, and then customize Epicor to interface successfully with the other product.

“EpiCenter had thorough knowledge of the software and the team was a good fit for our culture. That was important to us.”

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